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  • How to have a sensible cycling workouts?
  • You have to compliance with intensity workout from the light to the high levels, you must not try hard from the beginning. Cycling is a long journey to challenge the riders’ spirit strength of will. Moreover, you must to create a flexible eat-sleep schedule, especially take a rest to ensure you have enough energy before cycling.
  • What are benefits of riding a bike?
  • Bicycling lets you have fun, get exercise and improve health while being kind to the environment at the same time. Besides, if you can get in the habit of biking earlier, cycling will improve general muscle function gradually. You will gradually begin to see an improvement in the muscle tone. Furthermore, strength is built and wellness is achieved,…
  • Is it necessary to lubricate the bike chain?
  • Chain is the main drivetrain of every turn of the wheel. Therefore, bike chain lube will prevent from losing cycling force. You should find specific bike lubricant to get the highest effective.
  • Is it required to wear a helmet when riding a bike?
  • So far, bicycle helmets are not mandatory for cyclists in Việt Nam. However, a helmet is critical for protecting yourself from serious head injuries. The lighter the helmet, the more expensive it tends to be, but a good helmet is a very worthwhile investment.
  • Being a backpacker, do I need to bring any cycling accessories?
  • To prepare for backpacking trips, you need to bring repair tools, 2 tires, bike lights, bike computers,… Welcome you to CTBIKE’s showrooms to get more specific advice.
  • Are there bad side effects on chain if you continuously change chain wheel and freewheel?
  • In principle, turning chain wheel and freewheel just change the rotation of bike wheel so you will feel light or heavy when you are biking. There are no bad side effects on quality of the chain. However, if you feel something wrongs, you can bring your bike to our maintenance centers.
  • Recently I would like to become a retailer of DUNLOP and I want to know the require to have the job?
  • Please contact to this phone number (08) 2210 4168 to get more information of how to be a retailer of DUNLOP.
  • How to Choose the Best Bike for Yourself?
  • You need to set your goals when you want buy a bike in order to pick the suitable type of bike. Then, the size of your bike needs to fit to your body size and type to warranty your healthy.