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At Finish Line we pride ourselves on being the "The Lube Experts" for the bicycle industry. From the start, way back in 1988, Finish Line has formulated all of its own products. With feedback from professional cyclists, their mechanics, and specialty bike shops around the world, Finish Line is able to make sure its products are performing at a level that will not disappoint even the most demanding cyclists.

FINISH LINE was recognized to the TOP company producing bicycle lubrication and other stuff to bike care and maintenance. FINISH LINE leads over 50 countries’ markets. Products was produced by 15 different languages and was used by TOP mountain bike racers and WorldTour team. FINISH LINE believied in optimizing functions and reduce friction on the drivetrain will help professional athletes perform more faster and use less force.

FINISH LINE has everything a cyclist needs for taking care of their bike and bike maintenance such as lubricants to chain lube, bike washes, specialty brushes and chain cleaning tools.

At Finish Line our passion is to make products that will enhance the performance and extend the life of your bicycle! May all your rides be smooth and fast.
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